February Yoga Practice

This yoga practice is excellent for runners and is designed to increase hip flexibility. Allow your breath to guide you as you move through the poses listed below. Please visit the link associated with each pose for an image of the pose and additional information including pose alignment and benefits.

Opening Cycle:

  • Begin this practice seated on your mat in Easy Pose: https://www.yogajournal.com/poses/easy-pose
  • While in this pose, notice your breath. Check in with your intention for this practice: What brought you to this practice today? What do you hope to gain physically? What do you want to gain mentally?
  • Warm up the spine in Cat/ Cow Pose: https://www.yogajournal.com/poses/cat-pose
  • Follow your breathing: allow your inhale to lead you into cow pose and your exhale to guide you into cat pose.

Sun Salute Sequence

Standing Sequence: remain in each pose for 3+ breaths and allow your breath to support you in moving from one pose to another.

Deepening Cycle:

Inverting & Quieting Cycles:

3 thoughts on “February Yoga Practice

    1. I am stoked to hear that you value yoga! Along with other running related posts, I plan to post 1 yoga practice/ month and 1 post/ month that examines a pose in great detail (including benefits & alignment). I hope that you find these resources helpful 🙂 The hardest step seems to be getting onto the mat, once we are there the practice flows. With discipline comes freedom.

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