March Mental Training

“Running is 80% mental.”  – Joan Benoit

3 Tips to Improve Your Running Today

  • Celebrate your successes. By bringing your attention to your successes, you can improve confidence. Runners who are more confident take greater risks and, as a result, can experience greater accomplishments.
  • Practice mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness can promote greater mental control leading to improved focus during running training and racing. Practicing mindfulness can also help you to identify and change unhelpful thinking that is getting in the way of your running performance.
  • Focus on your goals. Remember what you are working towards. By focusing on the “why” to your training, you can draw upon additional motivation to fuel your workout today.

For running coaching that addresses both mental & physical training, please visit:

For more information on how you can improve your mental training to enhance your running, check out Run Your Mind Training Workbook below.

Run Your Mind Training Workbook

This workbook is designed to both introduce you to general concepts in sport psychology and to help you to implement psychology techniques to improve your running performance. Throughout this workbook, you will focus on enhancing your goal development, motivation, mental toughness, confidence, concentration, and energy management. This workbook contains some information about caring for the body including yoga practices to supplement your running training. This workbook also contains several sample training plans and a training journal section in which you will be able to integrate the information that you have learned throughout this workbook into your training.

To purchase this book, please visit:

Other Resources

Mindfulness Resources

  • Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: This is a free online training course based on the program founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
  • Jack Kornfield has excellent resources available on his website. His book Meditation for Beginners is wonderful for meditators of all levels.
  • Shauna Shapiro is an expert on mindfulness. She has done numerous talks and interviews which can be found on youtube. Additional resources can be found on her website.

Serenity Cards

These cards will support your mental training by utilizing a variety of techniques from psychology and yoga to improve mood, boost energy, promote relaxation, increase positive thinking, and enhance focus. To view and purchase these cards, visit:

Mindset for Greatness Cards

A collection of inspiring quotes designed for runners to promote a mindset for greatness. To view and purchase these cards, visit:

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